A weekend of staff training, inspiring thoughts

IPP Alexandria staff during our training with Nic Hargreaves

We’ve just finished our IPP Staff training. Nic Hargreaves from Great Britain, who is Chair of the IPP Committee flew in for the weekend and we spent a couple of days together learning new things and challenging each other on what the project actually is for each of us and us as a group.

During the training we went through the risks, and did some risk management, in addition to learning how to fill the Programme Director Planning and Evaluation form, to help us better understand if our goals are being achieved. More interestingly we had sessions to plan the schedule in detail, assign staff specific roles and responsibilities and most importantly we came up with a contemporary, interpretive dance meant to symbolize our project, which we will share with you soon.

All in all, we’d say it was a successful weekend, and it got us very excited and much more prepared for our participants’ arrival in less than two months now! A big thank you to Nic for all his input and care. We all felt it was very important to have him take us through this process, to look at it from the outside and ask the right questions.

In addition to the training, we gave Nic a bit of Cairo taste where he saw a bit of old Cairo, had a home cooked meal at the President of CISV Egypt’s house, attended a public art event, and saw the Downtown revolution Graffiti.


One thought on “A weekend of staff training, inspiring thoughts

  1. Friends! I am so very sorry, that I could not come and train this year as I really miss Cairo and you guys. The project sounds very cool and I wish you as fantastic and enthusiastic participants as you as the staff are for sure.

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