El-Cabina’s garden gets a make-over

El-Cabina is a word that in Spanish that means Cabin… you know those places where the pilots in an airplane sits and drives, but here in Alexandria it is one of the spaces opened by Gudran, inspired by the mini-cabins that are at the beach where people can stay, get together and have fun. El-Cabina as a space focuses on music, literature and sometimes hosts film screenings of independent movies.

This is one of the spaces where the International People’s Project (IPP) project is taking place; we walked through it and got to know it, feeling its vibes of good energy and the interesting job done by our partner organization one and half years ago.

After a popcorn brainstorm session, we had the idea to work on the garden to transform a dark and dirty place (in a corner with two nice trees and a couple of chairs) into an inspiring place to chill out and create music, lyrics and poems. We kept in mind that this place will be the skeleton or frame where other artists will come and invent — a space for expression, our main theme in this IPP.

We brainstormed with ideas on what to do for the walls and came up with at least 10 in total, besides cleaning and painting; and only two walls for us to actually design and draw using the elements that are already in the space and a couple of pipes. Additionally, we got ideas for the ground; some urban gardening using recycled materials could be done with a very nice mosaic. Finally, this area will have a sitting place that will be created using big tires and old chairs.

Volunteers start work on El-Cabina's garden

Volunteers start work on El-Cabina’s garden

During the first three days at El-Cabina, with a group of approximately 8 people, we were able to clean the walls and the ground, prune the tree and paint the walls in white, using some colors for the pipes. Unfortunately, in this moment the weather stopped us from working but all the ideas have been sketched out… We are positive and we hope to be able to work once the weather clears.

Volunteers work on Cabina

Volunteers work on Cabina

By Ana Maria Buritica from Colombia


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