Gudran share Alexandrian Molokheya dinner with volunteers

  • Date: 14 of January
  • Place: Abeer Hotel, our apartment, our home.
  • Dinner: Molokheia with shrimps.
  • Chefs: Samah aka the Maestro, Nagar, Khaled, Abdalla, Sherif, Mamoon and Alia.
  • Time: 7 pm, Egyptian Time.

Schedule of the night:

  • Dinner
  • Rou’s fake Birthday Surprise
  • The coin game
  • Power Point Karaoke hosted by Paul (Germany)
gudran molokheya

Same and Naggar present Shrimp Molokheya to the volunteers

After a night full of surprises and emotions, here are some quotes and memories from some of us:

“It was nice to have Gudran in our space instead of always being at their space.” – Julie from USA

“Gudran, our partner organization, has been very sweet especially for cooking an awesome meal. They were very relaxed and we saw another side of our Partnership Organization.” – Britta from Sweden

“When the Maestro said that he didn’t do anything for the meal apart from chopping the garlic, Nagar quickly answer he only pealed them. The nice thing was that he said it in Arabic and all the group understood and laughed.” – Ansku from Finland

“I loved Rou’s surprise B-day because it was unexpected and lead by the Gudran people, even though it wasn’t her real B-day” – Anita from Colombia

“I really enjoyed Rou’s fake surprise birthday. First of all the surprise, but especially that moment when we all started to sing the birthday song in all languages and all of the Egyptians just went completely out of control with very random Egyptian songs (birthday and non-birthday songs). And the fact that it wasn’t her birthday just made everything more entertaining.” – Camilla from Denmark

During the evening we played Paul´s (GER) activity – power point karaoke. He gave us each a random power point to present with a comedy twist. Alia kicked off the evening and got us all laughing… a great start.

“During the power point karaoke, Lizzie and I were laughing the entire time, thinking of our history lessons at school as somehow these became subject of comedy. Golden moments!” – Jess from Great Britain

aliaa ppt

Aliaa El-Gereidy presents the history of England in her own way

brita ptt

Britta from Sweden presents an Irish Problem


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