Art Lab Festival: Join our fundraising event, this Friday

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We’re holding a fundraising event this Friday, 16 November from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in Art Cafe, in Maadi.

The day will be split into two parts:

– Until 6:00 PM is for the whole family (young kids are more than welcome!) where there will be art workshops of pottery, painting and decoupage, along with screenings of short movies every half hour.

– From 6:00 PM Like Jelly and other Cairene underground musicians will lead a group jam session, so bring your instruments, and get ready to drum, sing, and even dance!

The event will be catered by Cairo Kitchen (check out their awesome blog on food and culture), there will also be cakes and refreshments throughout the day, so make sure you come try their yummy Koshari and Egyptian dishes and desserts.

We would like to thank Art Cafe, from all our hearts, since they are donating the space and art workshops to us, so all the donations would come directly to the Project!

Join and share the Facebook Event here, and check out our electronic flyer here.

You can read our blog post on where the money you donate will go here and discover our blog for more information on the project, who we are and our partner organisation too 🙂



In search of funding for an art for social development project

International volunteer from the United Kingdom making art with children from Farafra Oasis on a previous project

We are currently on the hunt for donors to fund our project! Our budget is quite small, considering the impact, as the project is entirely volunteer run, and we rely on hosting our projects with the most basic expenses.

Our main expenses are:

– Accomodation for 25 volunteers from 10 different countries including Egypt (and five organisers) in Alexandria. We are looking to rent an apartment/house in downtown Alexandria

– Food for the volunteers and staff for 3 weeks (We rely on in-kind donations from sponsors, as well as cash flow to buy the remainder of food)

– Transportation costs, stationary, art supplies and building supplies (Which can also be in-kind)

You can read more about the project, and organisations behind it on the pages of this blog, and keep coming back for more posts and updates.  If you are interested in helping out with donations, or contacts for in-kind donations, please contact us at: alexstaff [at] eg [dot] cisv [dot] org