History of IPP, here and there

We thought you might be interested to read about the International People’s Project Programme, and how it works in other countries. Each IPP is very unique as it is centered around a project, and a different partner organisation, with a theme relevant to the local context.

IPP started in 1997, as an experimental project from the youth section of CISV, which we call Junior Branch. After hosting a successful IPP in Germany, and learning, a task force was in place to host more IPPs and with volunteer efforts, this idea developed into a programme, officially adopted and recognised by CISV International in 2008.

You can read more about IPP by visiting the international IPP Committee’s website, and facebook page.  A very interesting read also, is the IPP Book, a document put together where the people who took part in IPPs tell their stories themselves. Download your copy here.


Participants of IPP Farafra III run a recycling workshop for children

IPP in Egypt started in 2006, even though some people had gone to IPPs abroad before then. That year saw the begining of the Farafra Oasis IPP, which brought together the participants first to build things with the local community, work with the local women and plan informal educational activities with the school children. From then, the IPP continued with local members of CISV Egypt keeping in touch with the local community in Farafra, and in 2008 another IPP was hosted in Farafra which focused on spreading the spirit of volunteerism in the community. Finally, in 2010, CISV Egypt hosted its final IPP in Farafra which focused on giving the opportunity to the local NGO that was put together by the community during IPP 2, to organise the activities the volunteers were working on in the IPP themselves, along with volunteer recruitment and publicity, so they can effectively do similar restoration and developmental projects long after CISV was gone. Perhaps, what is not easy to convey in this blogpost was the deep human relationships that were formed between the beautiful Farafronis, and members of CISV.

International volunteers of IPP Farafra I work on restoring Qasr El Farafra alongside local volunteers