CISV Egypt & Gudran

About CISV

CISV is an international organization based in more then 65 countries and 200 cities around the world aiming to educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world. CISV is a community of dedicated volunteers creating opportunities for all ages to experience the excitement and enrichment of cultural diversity through educational programs. CISV’s programs empower participants to incorporate the values gained through activities into their daily lives as they become active and contributing citizens in a global society.

These programs include a range of local activities, international camps, family-hosted exchanges and community-based projects, all spinning from from any of the four content areas Sustainable Development, Diversity, Human Rights and Conflict & Resolution.

About IPP
International Peoples’ Project is a CISV International Program for participants who are 19+ to work on a specific hands on project along with a partner organisation within a local community. Through this multi-cultural setting, participants get to dive into the theme from the perspective of the other participants applying it to the local context.

IPP Programme Goals:

  • Learn to work andlive as an intercultural group
  • Learn to cooperate with IPP members and the local community and/or partner organization
  • Develop an understanding of the local and global context of the theme
  • Learn to carry out a project that can have a lasting positive impact on the local community and evaluate its success

Visit the official IPP Website:

About Gudran

Gudran Association for Art and Development is a gathering of cultural activists, visual artists, writers, photographers, movies makers, dramatists and musicians. Motivated by ‘the artists’ social responsibility’, Gudran support positive social transformation through artistic practice and involve more members of society in the artistic process. Gudran support and even drive communities to make a change in society by activating the power of imagination in individuals, and by creating an aesthetic social environment and encouraging people to open up their minds to new ideas. The mechanism with which Gudran works relates mostly to problem solving through creative stimulating activities, and through the provision of a pedagogical artistic environment in which members of the society in question are pushed to develop each in their own way.

Gudran’s story begins in the year 2000, in the fishermen town of El-Max near Alexandria, using art as a tool for social and economical development in the area. After three years of work, the artists along with members of the local community founded a branch of Gudran in El Max, catering to arts for children and creating a space for women to make local traditional handicrafts for economic progress. After the success of the project, Gudran established itself officially as an NGO and moved its activities to downtown Alexandria, in an attempt to bring art to people through establishing spaces and mobile projects. Currently, Gudran runs two spaces: El Dokkan, which focuses on visual arts and theater and El-Cabina, which focuses on music and literary arts. Along with these spaces, Gudran run several community projects such as Al-Ahwa (the Cafe) where they bring artists to local cafes to perform and involve people in the artistic process.

Visit Gudran’s official website:


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